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Our historic sanctuary, with its unique hand-stenciled walls, is a truly special space.  Over the last 250 years it has held regular worship services, including thousands of weddings. In 2014, the sanctuary saw a new milestone when it hosted the first same-sex marriage in the congregation's history.

Today, we are proud to make our sanctuary available for weddings of members and nonmembers alike. However, we ask that you respect that this is not simply a space to be rented, but a house of God entered for a service of worship. Our church building is also a precious part of the nation’s history and as such requires careful maintenance. We ask that reverence be shown by all present at the wedding and that the service remain under the sole direction of the minister.

In the links below, you'll find details about using our space for your upcoming wedding. Please feel free to visit the church to learn more about its history and see the sanctuary in person. Please note: We do not typically rent for summer weddings, as the sanctuary is not air conditioned.

Old Pine Wedding Policy and Information

Old Pine Wedding Application



Photos courtesy of Tony Seligson.